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Operation and maintenance of electrical installations


The operation of electrical installations includes all activities to maintain electrical installations in operation: switching, control, inspection, maintenance and other electrical work and related work.

We offer maintaining, operating and repairing (overhead lines, cable lines and substations) electrical installations within 0.4-35 kV network (in case of 0.4 kV starting from 100 A main fuse) and within 35–330 kV network. We carry out inspection of electrical installations and electrical measurements and we help to locate faults in outdoor electrical installations (in case of medium-voltage and low-voltage lines) and to eliminate these. We are also a trustworthy partner for diagnostics of and repairing power transformers over 6 kV. Being a long-term partner of network companies Elektrilevi and Elering, we have experience in maintaining and repairing substations since 2000.

LEONHARD WEISS offers operating electrical installations in order to ensure constant operation of the latter (switching, control, inspections, maintenance), with the purpose of guaranteeing usage safety of an electrical installation. The aim of operating work is to ensure faultless operation of electrical installations. After operating work has been completed, the client is provided with a written report of necessary maintenance work based on which maintenance of an electrical installation and replacement of defective parts is ordered. Based on the operating plan inspection of the condition of main and distribution centres, safety switches and energy meters, tensioning of control terminals, dusting the distribution centre, etc., is carried out a minimum of once per year.

LEONHARD WEISS offers maintenance of and fault elimination in any outdoor electrical installations. To do this we have a professional service team and to eliminate faults we have a laboratory equipped with modern equipment.