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Concrete Products

The manufacturing instructions for concrete products produced at the concrete plant located at Vesse 10 in Tallinn by LEONHARD WEISS OÜ comply with the requirements of harmonized standards EN 14991 (foundation elements), EN 14992 (wall elements), EN 13369 (precast concrete products), EN 12794 (foundation piles), and EN 14843 (stairs). Information on all valid certificates can be found at this Link.

Order concrete products from LEONHARD WEISS OÜ!

We produce various concrete elements and reinforced concrete products for infrastructure projects built by both our own and other construction companies. Our capabilities also include full solutions for the most complex projects, from design to installation.

Various reinforced concrete products manufactured at the LEONHARD WEISS OÜ concrete plant are used in infrastructure projects in both Estonia and Latvia. Our product range includes panels for railway platforms, stair plates for access roads, noise barrier walls, foundations for transformers, contact networks, and power line masts, parking barriers, and many other high-tech engineering products. We continuously strive to provide high-quality solutions that meet demanding standards and ensure the long-term durability of infrastructure.

LEONHARD WEISS OÜ is a reliable choice when ordering concrete elements. Our manufacturing instructions are certified, and as a large company, we have extensive experience in the construction industry. Depending on the concrete element, we provide a warranty of 2-5 years. One of our advantages is the direct connection between the concrete plant and the railway, which allows us to transport heavy reinforced concrete elements to the desired location via the railway.

As the exclusive representative in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, we offer Stelcon and Strail concrete products for railway crossings and crossings in cooperation with our partners.

Interaction with us is straightforward and we promise to respond quickly to your inquiries.

To order concrete products, please send an email to estonia@leonhard-weiss.com