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Piles in diameter up to 30 cm are usually called micropiles. The main task of micropiles is to transfer compressive and tensile loads to deeper and more stable layers.

Special drilling machines are used for the installation of micropiles. With a drill bit and an injection channel equipped piles are driven through the soil by the constant addition of the cement solution. The concrete body formed around the bars increases the load capacity of the pile and gives it long-term protection against corrosion.

Advantages of micropiles

  • low vibration and noise levels
  • can be used in places where space is limited
  • smaller drilling area, less excavation and concreting work
  • can drill/bore a wide variety of soil layers, including difficult ones to penetrate
  • possible to penetrate any obstructions (incl. existing foundations)
  • flexible use even in the most demanding conditions.

Micropiles are suitable for penetrating and reinforcing existing foundations and any soil layers.

LEONHARD WEISS uses Hütte HBR 502 hydraulic drilling rig for micropile works, the most important technical parameters of which are:

  • 119 kW Engine
  • 50 kN Extraction Force
  • 11500 kg Weight

The smaller and lighter drilling rig HBR 502 ensures high efficiency and productivity in the most complex drilling jobs, even in the most difficult conditions. The device's good manoeuvrability, wide range of drilling angles and remote control expands the possibilities of using the drilling machine even more.

To order micropiling services, please send an e-mail to estonia@leonhard-weiss.com

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