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    Civil engineering


One of the activities of LEONHARD WEISS is excavation work and reinforcement of the subsurface, construction of the ballast layer and beds for rail tracks with which the company has been involved since 1998. During the first few years we performed excavation work and construction of the embankment mainly on the sites of AS Eesti Raudtee subject to major overhaul. Thanks to our highly qualified and very experienced team, and by using the latest technology, we are able to work fast, guarantee good quality and in accordance with the wishes of the client.

The construction of the base ballast layer of the railway during reconstructing station tracks and the construction of new railways has been carried out in the frame of Narva railway station overhaul in 2000-2002 and we have replaced the ballast layer in the majority of the Estonian Railway stations in East and South directions: Tapa, Jõhvi Oru, Jõgeva, Kärkna, Valga, etc. On the tramways of Tallinn we have built both gravel beds and reinforced concrete bases on the following sites: construction of tramway at Peterburi Street level crossing in 2013; tram line 2 and 4 tramway design and renovation on the section Pae Street–Vana-Ülemiste stop with return circle in 2015.