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    Civil engineering

Construction and repair of roads


One of the competencies of LEONHARD WEISS is road construction, which the company has been dealing with since 1998. Thanks to our highly qualified and very experienced team, and by using the latest technology, we are able to construct and repair gravel beds, gravel coverings and gravel roads fast, with high quality and according to the client’s wishes.

For example we have completed the following projects: Construction of the roads and squares at Koidula railway border station in 2008-2011; gravel covering repair of the secondary road no. 11247 Ääsmäe-Hageri km 6.2-10.8 in 2014 for Road Administration; road surface maintenance repair of the national road no. 19246 km 11.75-14.24, no. 20117 km 4.97-5.06, no. 20120 km 9.04 - 14.43, no. 20118 km 0.00-3,25 in 2014-2015 for Road Administration.