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Snow control on railways

During the winter months, LEONHARD WEISS can provide mechanical snow control on tracks and switchblades, using combined ATLAS rail excavators, which in addition to buckets are also equipped with that are equipped with a brush for snow removal. If necessary, we can organise teams of experienced locomotive drivers and mechanics to work on snowploughs and snow-removal trains (SPDM, SM-2, etc.) in several shifts.

During heavy snowfall and snowstorms, malfunctioning switchblades are the primary cause of problems in railway traffic as they prevent the timely operation of the switches. The problem often persists despite fitting more important switches with electrical heating devices: sometimes the snow just does not melt fast enough. LEONHARD WEISS has vast experience in organising manual snow control and enough qualified employees to provide 24-hour service, if required. Training employees and supervising their activities helps to ensure occupational as well as railway safety in difficult working and weather conditions.